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Pitbull – Welcome To Dade County (Lil Wayne Diss)

February 25, 2013 Leave a comment

pitbull - welcome to dade county

Mr. 305 Pitbull wasn’t about to be the one to stay quiet. Pit, of course, is far from the type of rap he used to make almost 10 years ago, so many listeners and fans don’t know about tracks like “Pitbull’s Cuban Rideout” or “305 Anthem.” The track isn’t anything like those two, but he lets it be known he doesn’t appreciate Wayne’s comments. And if you question whether the track is aimed towards Wayne, then skip forward to 2:20.


My Two Cents: Lil Wayne vs. NBA & Miami Heat

February 21, 2013 Leave a comment

lil wayne - miami heat nba

There is nothing worse in hip-hop/rap than an emcee claiming to be hood, a gangsta or “’bout dat life” and end up acting like groupie on her period. Case-in-point, Lil Wayne.

Everyone has heard about Lil Wayne being kicked out or leaving the Miami Heat game a little over a week ago. If you haven’t then you live under a rock and I’ll give you a sum up. During the Miami Heat vs. LA Lakers game Tunechi says he was kicked out because he was cheering for the Lakers. Others in attendance say it was because he was making a gun gesture to a fan. Like scornful ex-girlfriend, Wayne proceeded to go on a rant down-talking the Heat via Twitter stating, “”So I’m @ da Heat game right, rootin 4 da Lakers kuz dats my team & would u believe they got police 2 make me leave?! Wow! F#€k da Heat.”

Then came the NBA’s All-Star weekend. During a performance, Lil Wayne continued his to express his anger by saying the Miami Heat asked the NBA to ban him from games. He continued by saying, “F–k LeBron, f–k She-Wade, f–k Chris Bosh, f–k all them ni–as, man,” he said to the crowd. “And, and, and, I f–ked Chris Bosh wife.”

The NBA came out and denied Wayne’s allegations saying there were completely false on Tuesday. The same can’t be said for the Miami Heat, who have banned him from their home games.

It gets better! Wayne called into 99 Jamz last night (the full interview is below) and takes back saying, “Eff LeBron,” but nothing else. Then goes on saying his beef stems from words exchanged with Dwayne Wade. Not only that, Wayne backtracks his comments about being kicked out to saying he left voluntarily and goes on to talk about his conversation with Commissioner Stern about being “banned” from the NBA.

Let’s remember, during the 2010 NBA season he was the biggest Miami Heat fan, until he started to cry about not getting attention from LeBron, Wade and Bosh. After that he flipped on them and ended up partying with the Mavericks at LIV. Then last year when he wanted courtside tickets to the a Oklahoma City Thunder game he was denied because they were already sold out. The end result? Wayne jumps back on the Heat bandwagon.

What’s the end result and what have or should have learned from this? Wayne’s antics are a joke. I couldn’t tell you what goes in on Wayne’s head. Maybe he just drank too much lean, took too many drugs, using this as a publicity stunt for his upcoming album or is just acting like this because he believes people should kiss the ground he walks on.

He comes off as having his feelings hurt for not being acknowledged at the Heat games by the players and should because he spends $1.5 million on tickets, even though he said that’s not the point. Mad because Wade said, “Fuck you”? Really? Wayne was talking shit to him during the games! Did he not expect a response?

I’ll say it, Lil Wayne is NOT about any type of thug life. He got mad a few years back when someone threw a water bottle at him and walked off stage instead of going at the dude. He’s acknowledged 50 Cent is not one to be fucked with after seeing 50 jump into the crowd to take of some dudes when 50 was throwing shots at him. When B.G. had issues with Tunechi, B.G. taunted him publicly in New Orleans and Wayne did nothing. You think Wayne wants it with 6’4″ 220 lb Wade? No.

I am in no way hating on Wayne’s credibility as an artist, because there is no doubt his influence is monumental. His actions on the other hand are filled with negligence and ignorance because he may believe he is the closest thing to God. And in a crazy city, Wayne needs to watch what he says and does and learn from Rick Ross’ situation before some idiot tries to pull his card.

If you want some more daggers then you can check out “Pepe Billete’s Open Letter To Lil Wayne.”

My Two Cents: Chris Brown & Frank Ocean Fight

January 29, 2013 Leave a comment

chris brown frank ocean

Well, hasn’t this been one interesting week in hip-hop/r&b? If you haven’t heard about the fight between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean then here’s a quick recap. Sunday night the two got into a fight in Los Angeles over a recording studio parking space. Yes….a parking space. The two have had some problems in the past but I won’t get too much into that.

First off, how the fuck does Chris Brown continue to find himself in some shit like this? HE’S AN R&B SINGER! They dance. They don’t throw down. They battle dance or sing off or something like that. Not to mention Breezy is on probation because he decided to join the Slap-A-Hoe Tribe (not a real tribe) when he did damage to Rihanna. Then of course there was the altercation with Drake at the club where he got hit with a bottle. So let’s run through it again, he beats up on Rihanna, gets into it with Drake, also a little thing with Tyler The Creator and now threw down, or jumped, Frank Ocean. Not a roster of foes you want to have if you want to bolster some street cred. Before you know it, Brown is going to start something with The Weeknd (remember, that’s Drake’s boy) or, hmmmm, let’s see, maybe Miguel.

But, it’s Frank Ocean’s actions today has me like, “What the fuck?” Dude is ready to press charges on Brown. Yep, dude wants to work with the police. That’s how dudes get down now-a-days? It’s Chris Brown. CHRIS BROWN! And just because you’re bi-sexual (nothing at all against bi-sexuals or gays because I have a close friends who are) doesn’t mean you have to be a bitch.

My Two Cents: Rick Ross Drive By Shooting

January 29, 2013 Leave a comment

rick ross drive by shooting

Let me first say it is great to know that no body was hurt in this idiotic act.

That said, did Rick Ross think dudes were playing around? Since when did William Leonard Roberts II (that’s Rick Ross’ real name) think he was really untouchable in his own state. Now, I’m not saying for sure it was the Gangster Disciples who have warned him are the ones responsible for the drive by, but when you continuously talk about black flags in your songs, you’re looking for some shit. And as a man from the streets, because we all know 99% of the rappers say they’re from the streets or hood or projects, the knowledge is instilled since birth that you may encounter some problems repping a set you may not in actuality be a part of.

Ross is already known for being a corrections officer, he’s had beef with former label-mate Trick Daddy, who Ross claims put the picture of him in uniform out to the public, he has problems with Jeezy, who has been associated with the GDs, and furthermore, Ross did not help himself by publicly going on a radio show and making light of a demand of money by throwing in a nation-wide gang’s face the fact that you stood on stage in Chicago wearing a chinchilla and stating that no checks will be cut because that’s what you call extortion. And let’s not forget about Ross being told by a Dade County OG that real gangsters move in silence, adding more fuel to the fire by basically calling that group of GDs pussies. Oh, but how can I forget when Ross talks about taking choppers out? But Rick Ross can say these things because he is the BAWSE, right?

Chicago is one city and Florida GDs are not the only ones who have warned Ross. In case you did not know, GDs in Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee have put videos out there letting him know what the deal is.

But I’ll put money on this, with the amount of ignorance and bravado and pride there is in rap, I am willing to be Ross will make a few records about it and rub the unsuccessful drive by in somebody’s face.

Tupac. Biggie. Big L. Freaky Tah. Soulja Slim. Camoflauge. Jam Master Jay. Mac Dre. Proof. If they can be touched, so can Rick Ross. Let’s hope not.


Wiz Khalifa featuring Project Pat – Still Got It

July 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Man, that’s gross…

Anyway, Class of 2006 high school graduate from Taylor Allderdice High, Wiz Khalifa, released a new track featuring Project Pat, most notably known for his work with Three 6 Mafia.

At some point in this song, Wiz Khalifa references the shoes he’s wearing by saying “what’s on” his “feet cost a thowy“.

Seeing as though lyrical content wasn’t a means for success on this song, it should also be noted that Project Pat just doesn’t sound the same without a DJ Paul beat bangin’ behind his flow.

Do what you want with this track. I downloaded it, threw it on SoundCloud, and threw it away from my hard drive. If you wanna keep a mason jar full of bath salt in a room full of children, be my guest.


Frank Ocean

July 15, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s been a great 11 days Frank Ocean just had. Between the doses of leaked singles leading up to the release of his debut album channel ORANGE, his ode to freedom (pictured above) on July 4th, hitting #1 on iTunes, and a show-stopping performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, it’s safe to say 2012’s been good to Tyler’s bigger brother Frankie.

“I’ll remember who I was when I met you. I’ll remember who you were and how we’ve both changed and stayed the same.”

God DAMN. Straight up; the music speaks for itself, and then there’s why Frank Ocean is such a captivating individual in this era of music.

Frank Ocean: Bad Religion.


Lil Wayne Disses Pusha T on Twitter…..Really?

May 24, 2012 Leave a comment

So I’m guessing Weezy F. Baby, don’t forget the F., isn’t taking Pusha T’s newest track, “Exodus 23:1,” so well. The song is rumored to be taking shots at Young Money’s Drake. Pusha makes references about red flags, being signed to one dude who’s singed to another, who is signed to three more, and so on. Beef between Pusha and Wayne is nothing new. The Clipse had some problems with Wayne several years back after Wayne took shots at them in a freestyle and in interviews. But I want to know a couple of things. First, if Drake is “brave,” and I use that word loosely, to take shots at Pitbull, David Guetta, Ludacris and Common unprovoked, then why isn’t he “brave” enough to reply to Pusha on his own? And remember, this isn’t the first time Pusha took a shot at Drake. Second, why the hell is Wayne taking to Twitter to say anything? I thought “real G’s move in silence like lasagna.”

Drake Going at Drake and David Getta? Really?

April 25, 2012 Leave a comment

So I got work that Wheelchair Jimmy may have taken a little shot at Miami’s own Mr. 305 and David Guetta by saying their music lacks integrity.

Drizzy told NME Magazine, “For me, the David Guetta stuff just doesn’t work,” he said. “I don’t really wanna go there. There’s other artists, that’s their sound. They feel in order to thrive internationally that they gotta do straightforward, four to the floor, David Guetta, Pitbull music.”

Really? Just like Heartbroken Drakes “raps” about women that he’s cried about in the past because he makes him money, Getta and Pitbull make their brand of music because that’s their forte. That’s what their fans love. I will be the first to admit I didn’t fully appreciate the transition Pitbull made from how he rapped early in his career to the dance music he comes out with today. But now, I’ll jam to it. And besides Rick Ross, Pit has been holding it down for South Florida on a more international level.

Also, hasn’t Nicki Minaj collaborated with Guetta a couple of times? What’s next? Are you going to say her music lacks integrity as well? And I’m pretty sure Drizzy’s latest song with Rihanna is pretty close to a dance record. Hell….IT IS A DANCE RECORD!!! If I can fist pump to it then it’s a dance record. Period.

I’ve said before that I believe Wayne gave Drake his left over drugs when he went to prison, and after trying to sneak diss Ludacris and Common combined with this, it doesn’t seem like I’m too far off.