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Castro – Hola. I am the originator and mastermind of this blog you have clicked onto today and for many days to come. A little bit about myself…I, unlike many of my predecessors in the blogospher, graduated college with a degree in Journalism, so I kind of know what I’m doing when I write. Actually, aside from my day job, I freelance for the Broward-Palm Beach New Times covering concerts and writing pieces on various artists in Broward and Palm Beach.

The reason for the name Lost My Press Pass? Well, I did not land a full-time job for any publication and was continuously pushed by those around me to start this blog/site due to my love for hip-hop and rap. I toyed with the idea for months, but was unable to come up with a name for it. Then one night on my way home, I had a random thought that since I have to real credentials to get into events, what I one day went to the door and told the bouncer that I lost my press pass. You may think it’s corny but at the time it gave me a chuckle.

My main objective was to bring light to local artists because I am a firm believer that South Florida is too underrated as a hub for hip-hop and rap outside of the usual suspects such as Rick Ross, especially in West Palm, but that’s another topic for another day.

Erick – Since my partner in blogging has yet to write anything in this section, I will do so for him at this time, not only because I haven’t told him to do so, but also because I think it would be funny just to mess with him.

Don’t let his hobbit-sized stature fool you. Just because he is the All-American with the darkest tan drop out, doesn’t mean this Panamanian version of a younger Danny DeVito doesn’t know his hip-hop. Taught by his older brother, Erick has fine tuned his knowledge of the arts keeping up with music’s trends……ahhh, fuck it. I’ll let him write the rest.

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