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Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums of 2013

kanye west - yeezus

It’s that time of year where top 10 lists pop off everywhere. This year saw plenty of great material and growth of some elder statesmen and new artists. With that being said, after listening to albums over, I have finally put together my 10 Top Hip-Hop Albums of 2013 for Miami New Times. I’ll probably catch heat from some, but keep in mind that I did NOT include mixtapes. Check out a little preview before clicking on the link below.

New rules, new slaves, new mobs and gangs, and more ways of soul-searching. That was 2013.

There’s no denying hip-hop stuck its chest out with enough bravado that would make Michael Jordan believe you were challenging his throne. Who else but Jay Z could sell one million albums BEFORE it was released? Yeah, Beyonce sold 800,000 over albums in a few hours out of no where, but that was just taken out of Kanye’s playbook after announcing Yeezus a month before its release with drive-in-styled showings of “New Slaves” across the country being its primary source of marketing while doing battle with J. Cole on the same release date.

Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums of 2013

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