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Interview: Lil Champ FWAY

lil champ fway interview

Lil Champ FWAY has been a bit of a Carmen San Diego. The Carol City rapper as of late has been kickin’ it in California. Luckily for me I was able to get FWAY on the phone for an interview for Miami New Times where he spoke to me about his Real Nigga SHXT mixtape, “gods” and “lords” and why he’s in Los Angeles. Check the preview and then click the link for the full Q&A.

Do you feel like you need to prove anything to anybody?
I feel like I need to prove that not only me but everybody in Miami and everybody around me has something to say. That’s why I go so hard. I feel like if somebody around me is feeling a certain way they might not say it, so I’ll say. Basically, yeah, I kind of feel like I do have something to prove, but it’s not only for me, it’s for everybody in my city.

Why do you feel like they may keep their mouth shut?
Because they’re afraid of the politics or what comes with it. they feel like it will cause trouble, rub off people the wrong way. Sometimes you just got to say it so people could understand and it won’t be everybody just fake. Everybody could know where they stand instead of wondering what’s going on and confront the issues all the time.

Interview: Lil Champ FWAY

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