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My Two Cents: Rick Ross Drive By Shooting

rick ross drive by shooting

Let me first say it is great to know that no body was hurt in this idiotic act.

That said, did Rick Ross think dudes were playing around? Since when did William Leonard Roberts II (that’s Rick Ross’ real name) think he was really untouchable in his own state. Now, I’m not saying for sure it was the Gangster Disciples who have warned him are the ones responsible for the drive by, but when you continuously talk about black flags in your songs, you’re looking for some shit. And as a man from the streets, because we all know 99% of the rappers say they’re from the streets or hood or projects, the knowledge is instilled since birth that you may encounter some problems repping a set you may not in actuality be a part of.

Ross is already known for being a corrections officer, he’s had beef with former label-mate Trick Daddy, who Ross claims put the picture of him in uniform out to the public, he has problems with Jeezy, who has been associated with the GDs, and furthermore, Ross did not help himself by publicly going on a radio show and making light of a demand of money by throwing in a nation-wide gang’s face the fact that you stood on stage in Chicago wearing a chinchilla and stating that no checks will be cut because that’s what you call extortion. And let’s not forget about Ross being told by a Dade County OG that real gangsters move in silence, adding more fuel to the fire by basically calling that group of GDs pussies. Oh, but how can I forget when Ross talks about taking choppers out? But Rick Ross can say these things because he is the BAWSE, right?

Chicago is one city and Florida GDs are not the only ones who have warned Ross. In case you did not know, GDs in Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee have put videos out there letting him know what the deal is.

But I’ll put money on this, with the amount of ignorance and bravado and pride there is in rap, I am willing to be Ross will make a few records about it and rub the unsuccessful drive by in somebody’s face.

Tupac. Biggie. Big L. Freaky Tah. Soulja Slim. Camoflauge. Jam Master Jay. Mac Dre. Proof. If they can be touched, so can Rick Ross. Let’s hope not.

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