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Interview: Makiin

makiin - interview

I got a chance to meet up with West Palm Beach female rapper Makiin. Now, this chick is about her business. We got a chance to talk about her new mixtape Makiin Noise, the need for sex appeal for female MCs winning Best New Hip-Hop artist at the Palm Beach Hip-Hop Awards and how she got on FuseTV’s Hip-Hop Shop commercial. Here’s a sample of my Broward-Palm New Times piece on her….

After the commercial aired, friends across the nation called to share their excitement about watching her on TV. The exposure also made a new fan out of someone unexpected.

“I was actually in the club, I had a show, and Jojo Simmons, Rev. Run’s son, came up to me and was like, ‘Oh my God, are you the girl from the Fuse commercial?'” said Belcher. “And I was like, ‘Oh my God. Are you Rev. Run’s son?'”

Last year, Makiin was awarded Best New Hip-Hop Artist at the Palm Beach Hip-Hop Awards, a victory accompanied by some controversy.

“People who have been in the game for like five years thought they should be back on the polls even though they’re not out doing as much work as the new people,” said Belcher. “And if you’re a new person, whether they didn’t know of you or the hood didn’t know of you, then you shouldn’t be on the polls.”

Full article: Meagan Belcher Is Makiin Noise For Women in West Palm Beach

Follow Makiin on Twitter: @MaKiiNMelOdiieZ

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